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Jeff Hodges

Jeff got his break by landing an internship with an online sports handicapping service in 2007.  After many months of grunt work, Jeff finally got a break by helping his host handicapper release college football selections for the mid week games.  After proving his worth and knowledge of college football, Jeff was introduced our service as a lead handicapper.  Jeff won't focus on a specific conference but merely scouts out any lines he feels he can exploit. Sports: College Football  

Jeff is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a professional college football handicapper that gained experience working for an offline service.  After 10 years Dusty wanted to gain more exposure and offer his college football selections to clients across the globe.  Dusty focuses on the BCS conferences limit his play selection to 4-7 picks per day depending on action.Sports: College Football  

Dusty is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.

Milton Ianetti

Milton Ianetti was introduced to the world of sports betting after reading John Patrick's Sports Handicapping his senior year of college.  While Milton wasn't exactly sold on the idea of leading a life as a professional gambler, he gained an understanding of how to beat the odds.  His preference was to focus specifically on one sport and hit Vegas in the mouth.  Milton understands that Vegas can get lazy with specific odds due to the volume of games each week.  Milton will typically release between 3-6 college football selections depending on action.Sports: College Football  

Milton is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.

Earl Covington

After fourteen years working for a major marketing firm in NYC, Earl needed a break from the big city and decided to switch career paths and lead a simpler life in Florida.  Earl has been sports handicapping for the past eight years and recently decided to focus primarily on NCAAF.  Earl's strengths can be found with his big unit bets on the Pac 12 and Big 12 conferences where his information and contacts are very precise.   Sports: College Football  

Earl is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.

Casey Stinson

Casey Stinson grew up in the south as the son of a high school football coach.  To say he is passionate about football and specifically college football is an understatement.  Casey specializes in teams of the SEC and has formulated many contacts throughout his 15+ year career.  Look for Casey to make his money each Saturday and when an SEC pick is released jump on it!Sports: College Football  

Casey is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.

Tony Turner

Tony Turner lives in Atlanta, GA where he was formally employed as a construction manager that focused on industrial buildings.  When the construction industry was starting to take a hit a few years back, Tony turned his hobby into profit.  Tony was always big into betting and starting make his friends and coworkers money by betting college football.  Several years later he is a featured handicapping with NCAA Football Handicappers.  Tony's management and organazational skills makes for a good fit with our staff and we look forward to a successful partnership.Sports: College Football  

Tony is 0-0 Since Fri, 5/17.
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